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Range of products sweetened with stevia
These are products suitable for diabetics (and most of them for celiacs too), recommended for people suffering from obesity, autism, and for those wishing to maintain a low-sugar diet.
Today, we have the following range of products sweetened with Stevia under the brand TRINI:

· Milk caramel and premium milk caramel (with rum, with banana, with chocolate, Alpine style [rhum + chocolate] and peanut-flavored).
· Traditional jams (strawberry, peach, orange, and plum) and the premium line (berries, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry).
· Cereal bars (strawberries with chia seeds, milk caramel with sesame seeds, peach with fibers, chocolate).
· Infusion powders: skimmed milk powder, chocolate milk powder, cappuccino, defatted cocoa powder fortified with vitamins and iron.
· Pudding powders fortified with vitamins and iron: gelatins, flans, puddings, ice creams.
· Drinks: juice powders without preservatives (orange, lemon). Nectars with 50% fruit (blueberry, strawberry).

Additionally, we offer the Stevia Trini line as a sweetener in the following ways: liquid, powder by 100 grams and powder in packets.

Range of gourmet products suitable for celiacs
Healthy and tasty products suitable for celiacs under the brand CEDRO AZUL, among them:

· Premium milk caramel
· Traditional jams and premium jams
· Grape seed oil (with Kosher certification)
· Honey vinegar with hopanoids
· Infusion powders: chocolate milk, green tea with lemon, mate cocido with milk.
· Rice flour noodles (with red peppers, with egg, natural and with spinach).

Line of Drinks
Mineral natural water 7 COLINAS in 500 cc, 1500 cc and 5 l bottles. Under development: line of five varietals of organic wines made in the province of Mendoza, Argentina.

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