Cedro Azul Cedro Azul
Business and Experience
CEDRO AZUL S.R.L. is an SME based in Santa Fe, Argentina, specializing in the development and supply of food and drinks that improve the quality of life of people, families and the society.
Our focus is to provide healthy, tasty and safe food. We started this project in 2005 in Argentina and, today, we are also present in the Bolivian, Uruguayan and Chilean markets, and soon we will be present in Peru, although our vision is to continue expanding. We have reached the end costumer, food industries and we are starting to serve the institutional market.

Our strength lies in being a pioneer in the development of differentiated food. We chose Stevia as the driving force of our products when no other companies in the region were doing so. In 2007, we presented our products at the 3rd International Stevia Symposium held in Asunción, Paraguay, as pioneers in the use of Stevia in the food industry. Since then, we have been invited to seminars and conferences. Our main surprise has been the positive response received from people living in different countries who contact us via our Facebook fan page and our web site inquiring about our products.

Thanks to our brand Trini, the excellent quality of our products and the varied range of products, we have become an important referent within our field in the region. We go on working and we continue developing food options that can be enjoyed by celiacs, diabetics and any person wishing to eat something healthy and tasty.

Strategic Alliances
In CEDRO AZUL S.R.L. we work together with regional producers and we also supply food industries that use our products as raw material.

We are related to different associations and bodies that give us support, such as LAPDI (Argentine League for the Protection of Diabetics), Acela (Assistance for Celiacs in Argentina), ACA (Argentine Celiac Association), CaCESFe (Foreign Trade Chamber of Santa Fe), CAME (Argentine Confederation of Medium-Sized Companies), CASTEVIA (Argentine Chamber of Stevia), to mention the most important ones.
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