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TRINI in Panamá:

We continue across borders. From now our products are available in Panama. We keep working every day to further increase our presence in the world.



TRINI in the Czech Republic:

We continue expanding our horizons. Now, our products are also present in the Czech Republic. In this way, we make our first entry to the European Union. Our commitment is to go on consolidating in the international market.



Relaunch of GRAPE OIL Cedro Azul:

The grape seed oil Cedro Azul is presented with a new packaging.
Characteristics: 100% grape seed oil; it provides Vitamin E; it contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 (at 70%); highly resistant to high temperatures (smoke point at 230 °C). Delicate and no greasy taste. Made in Mendoza, in one of the less polluted areas in the planet.
Ideal for: hot meals, gourmet meals, and to dress salads.

Presentations: 250 ml and 500 ml glass jar.
Kosher certification. A product approved by the FDA.
Suitable for celiacs.



Relaunch of STEVIA IN PACKETS Trini:

Now, on top of the liquid sweetener and the family powdered sweetener comes the table powdered sweetener in individual packets. Suitable for diabetics. Suitable for celiacs – Gluten-free. Sweetened 100% with stevia. Free of artificial sweeteners. No added sugar. Suitable for cooking. Non-caloric (0 Kcal/Kj per serving). High solubility.

Presentation: in boxes of 75 packets and institutional box of 400 packets.


Relaunch of GLUTEN-FREE noodles Cedro Azul made with rice flour:

Dry noodles 100% natural. They contain: No artificial colorings, preservatives and flavorings.
Suitable for celiacs.
Presentation: in boxes of 500 grams (with additional primary package for double protection).
Varieties: with red pepper, with spinach, with egg and natural (no substances are added to highlight its color and flavor, it only contains the ingredient that identifies it).
Low sodium (no added salt)..


Relaunch of new premium milk caramel sweetened with stevia:

MILK CARAMEL ALPINE style in the presentation of 300 grams and with only 43 Kcal per serving.

It is ideal to eat it cold with puddings or on its own, and it can also be spread on slices of toast for breakfast or afternoon snacks.


Relaunch of nectars TRINI with no added sugar and with 50% fruit, ready to be drunk in the following presentations:

* STRAWBERRY NECTAR with Stevia by 240 ml
* BLUEBERRY NECTAR with Stevia by 240 ml


Relaunch of the new presentation for:

* NATURAL MINERAL WATER 7 COLINAS in 500 cc bottles.
* NATURAL MINERAL WATER 7 COLINAS in 1500 cc bottles.
* NATURAL MINERAL WATER 7 COLINAS in 5 l jerry cans..
News 12/10/2011

Current situation of the company:

We participated in the 31st International Fair ANUGA in Cologne, Germany, where we met buyers of different parts of the world.

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